Thursday, October 12, 2006

A New Pair Of Glasses - Part 2 - Chuck C.

Welcome to week 25! I hope that the podcast is okay for everyone as this last week I had one day where the stats were waaaay down on subscribers, so I wanted to say if there are issues with the podcast, let me know at And I have to apologize for being a bit late on posting the podcasts lately, as I've been keeping very busy so I haven't always got to posting until the evening. So now that I've rationalized away my responsibility ;) thanks for listening this week, and I hope you'll enjoy Chuck C. talking about the 12 Steps. He walks through the different steps, reminding us that the program isn't complicated, it just needs to be worked. Instead of making excuses or trying to make things complicated, we need to simply see the steps for what they are, and follow them as a plan of action instead of a plan of intentions. I hope you enjoy this weeks audio!


At 5:40 AM, Blogger PineappleGirl said...

Please watch this video & spread it around to your friends & family. We made this video in an attempt to save our favorite t.v. show Chuck. The more viral & wide-spread it becomes, the better chance we have of saving this show.

If you're interested in helping out even more, fans of the show are planning on eating dinner at Subway on Monday, April 27th. This is the night of the season finale (hopefully not the series finale). Then, if you do eat there fill out a comment card that Chuck is the reason why you're eating dinner there that night. Subway is Chuck's biggest sponsor so if they see a spike in their sales that night, maybe they can persuade NBC to keep the show going. Thank you for all your support!

Hopefully it makes you laugh!


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