Thursday, May 11, 2006

Carry This Message - Step 1 (2003) - Chris R.

Thanks to all you out there who have subscribed or let someone else know about the podcast! I can watch the number of subscribers grow each week and that's so encouraging. I hope that God is bringing you sobreity (or better sobriety) and serenity through these words of other people. Also thanks too for the comments left on both my blog and on the podcast. This week, we have Chris R. talking abotu Step 1, about staying sober and how we can tell if we are truly an alcoholic (or some other kind of addict). Also, I forgot to mention again last week that if you enjoy the audio you find here, I have gotten all of this audio from so if you get a chance, check them out and if you can help support their website please do! Last, as with every week if you have quesitons or comments or even suggestions, feel free to email me at


At 2:41 AM, Blogger Al-Anon Sis said...

Couldn't help but notice that after I left you a note about my podcast, you changed your description to this:

Step 1 - FSOTS - Mark H.&Dave F

Well welcome to the first 12 step podcast! I had been looking around on iTunes for a good 12 step podcast with weekly releases which weren't someone simply spouting off their own opinion but of people who accutally have been in a 12 step program for a while and are doing more then talking to their computer.

How very kind of you.

At 11:49 AM, Blogger 12 Step Podcast said...

Acctually I haven't changed that post since the first week it was posted. When I posted that comment I was reacting a bit to the podcasts which were up at that time which to me didn't seem helpful. If you were offended by that, I apologize but it wasn't meant as a criticism when I wrote it two weeks ago, but it was meant more as my opinion that at that time none of the other two 12 step podcasts on iTunes seemed helpful.

At 8:13 AM, Blogger Al-Anon Sis said...

Thanks, I understand. Guess I was just feeling sensitive. :(

At 9:49 PM, Blogger 12 Step Podcast said...

It's okay. And I did want to say thanks for the plug in your podcast :).


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